Foodie Masters: Taste Falaque’s Indo-Bengali Cuisine

Friday night came around and we decided to order takeaway from one of our favorite restaurants. ‘Falaque’, based in Nyon, specializes in traditional Indo-Bengali fusion cuisine and offers a variety of homemade dishes allowing customers to dive into a whole new world of color and tantalizing spices and flavors. The freshly prepared selection of diverse meals always feels like a good, home-cooked meal delivered right to your door!

Antonia – “Falaque’s food always brings back memories of fun times surrounded by my friends and family. Their tagline reads: “share the happiness”. Every time we have ordered from Falaque, we certainly have shared the happiness around the delicious, authentic dishes. After reading this review, hopefully, all of you readers who have not heard of this hidden gem will order food from Falaque and “share the happiness” especially in these difficult times.”

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Madeleine – “For today’s meal, I had the onion rice topped with the spicy tikka masala curry, with a side of vegetable samosas dipped in a flavourful tomato chutney. The curry itself was full of delicious spices that overwhelm the taste buds. The best part of my meal was the samosas, which consist of a crunchy and satisfying pastry that encloses the fresh vegetables inside, paired with the tomato chutney, which gives the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Overall, the meal is a 8.5 out of 10. Falaque’s curries are not extremely spicy, so for someone who does not have the highest tolerance for spice, such as myself, they can still appreciate the food. ” 

Amelie – “Like the others, I also had the chicken tikka masala curry with onion rice and veggie samosas, accompanied with a garlic naan. My family has enjoyed falaque curry for years so I was especially excited for this review! The tikka curry has a perfect balance of spice with a lovely creamy tomato sauce, just perfect for topping the rice or mopping with naan bread. In my opinion, the highlight of the meal has to be falaque’s incredible samosas! They are unlike any other indian samosa. The delicious veggie potato filling is encased in a melt-in-your mouth, pastry-like outside. They truly are heavenly and an absolute must when ordering from the restaurant! I rate the food overall a 9/10 for its authentic flavours and unbeatable samosas.” 

Antonia – “We all shared the same curry – Chicken Tikka Masala which is by far our favourite.  The delicious spices mixed in a creamy tomato sauce make my taste buds start to water even just thinking about this dish! For a little variety, I had a few bites of the Chicken Bhuna with coconut milk. Although it was very nice, in my opinion the Tikka Masala is still the best. For those that like vegetarian food, Falaque also does catering and on that menu, there is a dish called Aubergine and sweet potato green curry with coconut milk – it is so good! Overall, Falaque never disappoints, their curries have the right blend of flavours, not too spicy but just right – always a 9/10 for me.”

The menu has a large variety of food, especially if you are ordering in advance for occasions such as dinner parties (where you have the option of a catering service which comes with name tags and serving dishes). Also, the presentation of day to day takeaway food is 90% recyclable which is so important to keep in mind. During our meal, we experienced a little mishap when we weren’t delivered our full meal and were told to deal with it ourselves, however, the restaurant took care of the issue and were able to resolve the problem. The portions for the price given are extremely generous and we believe it is worth paying a visit to Falaque. 

All in all, it is a great traditional Indian restaurant, perfect for weekend takeaways, and always a winner among friends and family! 

Rue Saint-Jean 30 – 1260 Nyon

022 361 05 06 

-Madeleine, Amelie, Antonia 

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