The Dream Children’s Home

Who we are:

We are a group of five year 13 students who are raising money for the Dream Children’s Home located near Nairobi, Kenya. The Dream Children’s Home is an orphanage that provides housing, education, medical care, counselling, and other basic needs to Kenya’s most vulnerable children. They currently house over 110 orphans. 

The Project: 

The primary goal of the project is to restore hope and to provide the basic needs to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Dream Children’s Home takes care of destitute, orphaned and abandoned children. The orphanage’s main objectives are to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, provide them with medical care, and to help them build their self-esteem and social skills. They equip children with psychosocial skills that will enable them to live responsibly in their community. They provide a nutritional diet to all of the children in order to help eradicate malnutrition and encourage healthy growth of the mind and body. They also provide a child friendly living atmosphere for the children. Furthermore, they initiate income-generating activities in order to sustain the Home and additionally, they empower local families with small business skills so that they can improve their income in preparation for the reintegration of the children back into the community.

The project has a feeding program which ensures that their children get a well balanced diet and three meals a day. In response to the millennium development goals for 2015 the project has endeavoured to provide educational needs to all the children in the home. They have pre-school, primary and secondary students. With their dormitories and the main family house they provide shelter for all the children. The program also provides clothing and school uniforms to the children. Medical care is provided to all children. The home provides ongoing psychosocial counselling for the children through networking with pro-bono counsellors who provide invaluable counselling to the children. 

The Story of the Orphanage: 

The Dream Children’s Home was founded in 2005 by Mrs. Rachel Gichia and her husband. Mrs. Gichia grew up in a slum, raised by a single parent. She saw the conditions that the orphans were living in and how no one was there to help them. This inspired her to open the orphanage in 2005 with her husband. The orphanage grew quickly, and now in 2021, it is a home for over 110 children who would otherwise have no one to care for them . 

While Mrs. Gichia is doing some of the world’s most noble work, she cannot do it alone. The orphanage relies exclusively on donations in order to house, feed, cloth, educate, and care for orphans. On top of this, COVID-19 restrictions have made it harder for them to organize fundraising events as well as increased their costs due to masks and other sanitation products. This is where you come in. The money that we raise together will go directly to the orphanage. Every little bit helps and even a small donation can go a long way towards helping improve the lives of these children. 

The Fundraiser:

For our fundraising initiative, we will be selling tickets. Upon purchasing a ticket, your name will be entered into a drawing from which five winners will be selected every month on a google meets live stream. The winners will gain the ability to skip the school lunch line for a whole week! Of course, you are more than welcome to donate even if you do not eat the school lunches. We hope that you will consider donating to an amazing cause. We are fortunate to have sufficient financial means here in Switzerland, we also have the ability to instill massive positive change for those of us who are less fortunate. 

The money we raise will go towards providing over 110 children with a standard of living that every person in this world deserves. 

To donate or participate in our fundraiser click on this link:

Contact us by email:

Thank you from the Dream Children’s Home team

(Daniel Zhukovsky, Caetano Alessie, Daniel Reguero, Pax Granich, and Sofia Silden) 

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