La Chataigneraie Book Club

Reading has recently become a much more popular hobby with many people discovering the variety and range in genres and authors that you can read. There’s something for the romantics, the adventure-obsessed, and any other niche group you could possibly come up with. 

The La Chât Book Club will be focusing on all genres of books, and be coming up with book recommendations to encourage people to put down their phones and pick up a book. Not only does reading boost academic performance at school, but it’s fun and entertaining. Novels have too-long been tainted by obligatory reading at school, but with our book recs, you will be sure to remember what it was like to read and enjoy it. If you have been wanting to get back into reading and don’t know where to start, drop by the book club and we’ll find you some book recs to get you slowly reading again. If you are an avid reader already, feel free to stop by as well and give us book recs for others. This is not only a space to re-discover books but also to simply discuss them as we love talking about novels!

Some quick book recommendations

Romance: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren (hilarious, light, easy)

Fantasy: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (fast-paced, worldbuilding, and heists ;))

Thriller: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (unsettling, mystery, psychological)

If you are interested in giving us a try, we will be hosting meetings during period 6 on Fridays in the Lausanne building. For more information, please contact us via this email: 

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