Power, Body, and Mind. Cricket.

How do you get 123 runs from 119 balls? Ask superstar cricketer Smriti Mandhan, who had one of the highest scores in the game on her debut. In one game, 25-year-old Mandhana became one of the greatest cricketers of all time. She started off playing neighbourhood cricket, and in no time at all, graduated to state level, then went national, and she is now the vice captain of the Indian women’s Cricket team.

Historically, cricket has been considered “a gentleman’s game.” This is because colonial British men created the game and took it to the countries they colonised. Eventually, cricket became a favoured sport in these countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, and the West Indies. Male dominated. Now, women look to be the future of cricket. In an interview with Ecolint’s head cricket coach, Steve Brittain, he remarked that cricket is a game in which “You have got to use your head just as much as your body…why can’t both men and women play it? It requires the mind and the body and the head, and everyone has a head.”

“Women players have revived the game and made the press go boom!” continued Steve Brittain. Women in cricket are thriving, such as Mandhana, mentioned, but also Ellyse Perry from Australia, Sarah Taylor for England, and Stafanie Roxann Taylor for the West Indies. It’s safe to say that women’s cricket will be our new tomorrow. And tomorrow is coming quickly with the World Cup games in South Africa in February 2023.

Perhaps, just as the World Cup in football is reviving school football teams all over the world, you might want to consider joining the Ecolint team to find your inner sports star? “Taster” sessions are a good way to see if it’s for you — just talk to Mr. Brittain or Mr. Martin and they’ll welcome you anytime.

By Ananya Sheila Srinivasan

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