Film Fridays: Cinema’s Crime

This week, Film Fridays presents 5 classic crime films. Although there’s many many more, these are a couple of our favorites. If you have a film you think should be included on this list, comment it below!

  1. Snatch

Get ready for an odd Brad Pitt accent, diamonds, and gut-punching crime. This movie’s plot is so fast paced, violent, and downright insane it’s near impossible to describe, but it’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had while watching a film! Directed by Guy Ritchie, and starring Jason Statham, Stephen Graham, and a very tattooed Brad Pitt, Snatch is a must-see British crime movie with unforgettable characters.

Image credit: IMDB

2. Baby Driver

Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead and Last Night in Soho fame) directs Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver who is obsessed with music. As he gets further entangled in crime and passion, he starts to fall for Debora, played by Lily James, but his lifestyle threatens to keep them apart.

Image credit: IMDB

3. The Usual Suspects

With one of the greatest twists of all time, the Usual Suspects is a film that will leave you reeling once you’ve finished it! Even though it’s old, this film remains timeless because of the amazing writing and acting performances that leave you guessing up until the last minute. The Usual Suspects follows the story of a mysterious criminal named Keyser Soze, an intricate story of a perfect crime, and a dark tangle of lies that leads to a shocking truth.

Image credit: The Guardian

4. The Godfather

One of the greatest crime films of all time, with unforgettable performances from an all star cast, the Godfather is one of those movies you have to see in your lifetime. From the iconic lines (“I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse”) to scenes so famous they’ve been parodied a million times (the horse head), the Godfather lies in the pantheon of movies that defined a generation.

Image credit: Encyclopedia Brittanica

5. The Departed

The Departed, full of fun Boston accents and psychological thrill, is about two cops, one double crossing his own department, and another sent deep undercover to infiltrate a gang. As they both come closer and closer to “the rat” that they’re looking for, they both seem to be almost pushed over the edge of sanity.

Image credit: Cinema Blend

Those are some classic crime movies I could think of (that we haven’t already posted, like Seven or Taxi Driver) but there’s thousands more that we’d love to hear your opinions on in the comments below! Happy Friday!

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