The Fondation Miracles

By Emna Coigny, Malik Warakaulle, and Tom Lewis 

The Fondation Miracles:

The Fondation Miracles was started as a subsidiary to the Miracles UK, founded by Theo Ellert and Matthew Procter, whose mission was to offer help to victims of the Bosnian war. It evolved into a private fund whose mission is “to help and finance the operation of the MIRACLES CENTER for prosthetics and care based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina”, started in September 2008. 

Their mission: 

The foundation’s primary mission is to get amputees new limbs. To allow everyone regardless of their background or location a chance to walk on two legs. Following up on that, they also try to ensure amputees are reintroduced into the workforce and are able to provide for their families. They want to make it possible for amputee kids to lead a normal life, playing on the playground, running, doing sports along with all physical activities. 

The Center: 

After the civil war, Bosnia was in the top five countries with the most landmines, and so in 2000 Miracles UK decided to start raising funds to build a prosthesis center in Bosnia. In 2004 enough money was raised and a center was built in Mostar ready to welcome patients in 2009. From there the center grew and it has now developed to be a successful operating NGO run building.   


The Fondation Miracles is entirely funded by individual donors from across the globe. To ensure sufficient funds, a dinner is organized every year as a way of getting people to engage with the foundation and help bring support to amputees. This year it is taking place on the 23rd of March at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. 

How to help:

Simply making a donation will make a huge difference. It’s a really engaging project and helps so many people from year to year. There’s direct access on the website to donate along with their contact information.

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