A Retelling of Cinderella- Cinder!

The book Cinder, written by Marissa Meyers, is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series. It is
based on the fairy tale Cinderella. In this story, however, Cinder is a cyborg living in a futuristic
world, New Beijing, part of the Commonwealth. She is hated by her stepmother and blamed for
her stepsister’s illness, Letumosis. When her step-sister gets ill, Cinder finds out that she is not
affected by the disease. While at her job in the market as a mechanic, she meets Prince Kai who
wants her help fixing a royal android, their lives become inevitably intertwined. Cinder finds
herself caught up in an intergalactic war between the moon and earth. Cinder is the first book in
the lunar chronicles it’s followed by Scarlet which is a retelling of red riding hood, Cress which is
based on Rapunzel, and lastly Winter, which is based off snow-white. Personally, I really enjoyed
this book as I loved the original Cinderella, seeing it brought back in a more modern light is very
reminiscent! I give it 5/5 stars and highly recommend.

By: Isabelle King (yr 9)

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