Hawks swoop into the season in style

The junior girls teams A and B had an impressive start to the season last Sunday at the invitational football tournament hosted by LGB. The A team won the first match against LGB 1­0 over penalties. A brilliant three penalties by: Esme, Natalie and Hannah and a winning save by Maia. The B team also won their first match against Mary­Mount with a striking shot from Linden.

Photo: Philippa Sekkiou
Photo: Philippa Sekkiou

However, when the two teams A and B went head to head it was team A who took the crown, 4­1 with three killer shots by Natalie and a sneaky penalty from Lina. The A team went through to the final and the B team fought for 3rd ​and 4th.

Sadly, both teams didn’t get where they wanted to be with the A team finishing 2​nd against LGB 1­-0 with a breathtaking shot from the other team ​and the B team coming ​4th ​against Mary­-Mount after penalties.

Photo: Philippa Sekkiou
Photo: Philippa Sekkiou

Overall, it was a brilliant day and Mark Colman the coach quoted “both LaChat teams gave it their all and kept playing until the final whistle.”
By Madalena Morris 7.3

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