StuCo: Junior BDN!

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Junior Bal des Neiges 2016 at Hotel Le Richemond! We hope you all had fun and that you’re looking forward to next year’s event – wherever it may be.

As a StuCo, we’d also like to thank:

Security – Joseph Watson, Samuel Paget, Alex Crosby, Thomas De Castro, Tim Owen, Letizia Miccio, Hannah Wendland,

Tickets – Mathilde Monory, Alice Hoyles,

Media and Tech – Joe Cook, Nathalie Bourget and Eíbhlin Birkett,

Photographers from Nations – Emma Moller and Sophie Krug

and of course, DJ Conjekcha (Amit Koren and Humazah Malik).

Enjoy the photos!


La Chat StuCo

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