U-15 Gingins Cricket Tournament

La Chat cricket team put on a valiant display against tough opposition.

Last weekend, Gingins hosted a cricket tournament in Petit-Lancy including U-15 teams from Zurich, Basel, Cossonay, La Chat and Gingins.

There was a great batting display from Aiden, Tom and Adam L. who all retired after scoring the maximum possible runs, as well as an admirable display from Ollie during the Gingins match.  Some great bowling displays saw a couple of great overs from Adam P against Cossonay, a wicket maiden from Pat against Gingins, and a maiden from Adwick against Gingins.  Some excellent fielding during the Basel match by Ethan, Tom G and Adam G, helped restrict their score to a reasonable target.  Zurich were the stand out team who gave an excellent display in all disciplines of batting, bowling and fielding.  Overall, a tough set of matches but La Chat squared up to the opposition with determination, tenacity, and a strong team morale.  Thanks to Mr Brittain who umpired almost every match and kept his good humour and motivation with the team.  Also great to see support from fellow injured team mate Mitch and parents who supported us throughout the weekend.


A highlight for the team was meeting ex-England batsman Bob Barber.  He gave an inspirational speech to all teams.  In particular, he mentioned there will be more bad times than good times at our level, however the good times will outweigh the bad in the end.  This really sums up our tournament, although we lost all of our matches, the stand out performances mentioned above and the opportunity to learn from other teams will keep us building for the future challenges.unnamed.jpg

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