Revision tips

By Dov and Keli

As the last term approaches, we all need to prepare for the storm of tests and exams. Here are a few tips that may be helpful :

  1. Highlight

It always helps when you can find your key points and keywords on a page when they stand out. Plus you can colour code different categories of information with the different colours.


2. i. Organise your time

By simply spacing out your time in your head, you’ll know when you have to do what. For example if your test is on a Monday after lunch, tell yourself that you’ll make your revision notes on Sunday, revise a bit on Saturday and revise that last bit during lunch on Monday.

ii) Organise your material

Having all your revision notes for a specific subject all in one place can make it that much easier to find everything you need quickly. If you’re in a rush in the morning but still want to revise in the car for example, you can just pick up that folder of bio notes and have everything you need for that test all in one place.


3.  Test yourself

By testing yourself, you know the parts that you need to revise more. Another thing you can do is to  FaceTime your friends and test each other. I know for some people saying things aloud and to somebody is very useful just to get that information stuck in your head.


4. Find a peaceful environment

Revising in a quiet space without any major distractions can help you focus on what you need to get done.


5. Do exercises

For subjects like maths, doing exercises get you to remember how to answer specific questions. It’s important to get that practice and give yourself an idea of what questions you may encounter on that test.


6. Ask if you don’t know !

If you’re stuck on something, don’t just stay stuck and ignore it! Ask someone, whether it be your classmates or your teacher. Remember, a teacher’s job is to teach so let them teach! If you are ever confused about the what you have to revise, swing by your teachers office. You might not think they will be helpful, but, believe it or not, there job is to HELP us, not watch us fail.


7. Take breaks

If you’ve been revising for an hour straight, you need to give your brain some space to take in all the information. Eat some food, drink some water, listen to some music and just chill for a couple of minutes before getting yourself back on track. Having a break is a sort of self reward for studying, it keeps you engaged in the content as well as giving the rest you so rightly deserve.


8. Do what it takes to concentrate

Listen to a study playlist on Spotify or put your phone on airplane mode, just do it if you know it will help you revise more efficiently.


9. Don’t over-revise

Know when to stop because revising too much will get you exhausted and that’ll confuse your brain and then all that important information you just studied will probably just disappear.


10. Don’t fret

Worrying or stressing out right before you have a test is normal but try to think about something else and get your mind off it; panicking can lead to blanking out during the test.


11. Your notes don’t need to look pretty

 Keep in mind that, this is your math revision we are talking about, not IB art so making your notes look like a beautiful masterpiece isn’t the main goal.


12. Don’t wait until the night before

Its harder to remember a larger amount of information over a short period of time than over a longer period of time!


Next time you take a test, even a tiny in-class quiz, make sure to at least give these simple tricks a try for efficient revising. Hopefully this will aid you in the long term for revision.

With all that being said, good luck.

The information presented in this article does not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of The Update. We are reporting either the facts or opinions held by third parties related to the subject of the article.


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