StuCo: Welcome back!

We hope you all had fantastic summers and are rested and ready for the year ahead!

Image: Giphy

We want to congratulate everyone who passed their IGCSE’s and wish good luck to all year 11 and 13 students for their upcoming exams.

We would also like to welcome Year 7s and new students, we wish you all the best!

Much will be happening in the coming weeks, including the selection of our new committee heads and the election of our New Student President (please note that only new students will be able to vote).

Image: Giphy

Alongside the fabulous committees, we will be organising a number of different events, including spirit days, discos for Years 7 through 9, the Fashion Show and the Bal des Neiges (BDN).

Remember that if you have any questions or requests, you can always contact us by email (, or just stop us in the corridors. 🙂

Image: Giphy

So, La Chat, enjoy your fieldweek, come back rested and ready to go. Let’s have a great year!

Image: Giphy

Your 2016-2017 Student Council

Oh, and add us!

Facebook: LaChat StuCo

Snapchat: lachat_stuco


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