Hillsborough researcher Phil Scraton: “You can never bring 96 people back”

This week, La Chat was lucky enough to have Phil Scraton, Criminology Professor and campaigner for the Hillsborough Independent Panel come to speak at the school. Mr Scraton has been campaigning for justice for the victims and their families of the Hillsborough Disaster, which took place in 1989 when 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death at a football match at Hillsborough stadium, Sheffield.

A huge cover-up of the negligence of police and other organising bodies took place, and the blame of the incident was placed on the football fans, along with horrendous allegations of abuse of the dead during the disaster. Mr Scraton has been involved with the project for 27 years, trying to prove that it was not the fault of the fans but of the police, who let people flood into two standing pens which were already full, holding 4 times as many people as they were meant to.

He is an inspirational character who has been chasing down justice for longer than any student at La Chat has been alive. As of January 12th, the files of 15 suspects had been passed to the High Crown Courts in the UK for criminal prosecution; those at blame are finally being brought to justice. We were very lucky to interview him the day after it occurred.

Thank you very much to Bregje and Ali for help with the set up!

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