‘Ophelia’ – a creative piece

The water had turned that day

It turned her as she entered it

Drowned the thirsty flowers she held so tightly

Was it the water that killed her

White cotton dress, or was it blue

It soaked up this sinned drink

Wet her bones, hair changed from bright to brown

Carrying the weight of these unholy souls

It lapped against her already pale limbs

As the water whispered down her throat-

“Don’t you see, oh sweet girl

That your hollow cheeks, they crave this drink

Fill your lungs, come now Ophelia

Breathe in this melancholy.”

So, the sun steps back weeping still 

The moon takes place unwillingly

A white reflection now engraved

In this once holy water

Do you remember, Ophelia

When the priest doused you in it

You cried out, it stung you

But now it seems you revel in this pain

Oh, Ophelia, foolish child

Your bloodshot lips now a painful memory

Close your sleeping eyes, that flutter in this light

All you are now

A glimpse of white in this pond of despondency.

-Tess Barbey

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