Haiku for Skiing and my Dog

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, haiku’s and a poem for what I love – skiing and my dog! 

Haiku for Skiing:

Fog shrouds around me, 

There is no snow only clouds 

BAM! The snow surrounds. 

Sand swirls on the ground 

It looks like a white desert. 

Oh, wait! That is snow. 

Covering my face, 

The cold bites into my cheeks 

Up! The lift arrives. 

Snowflakes slowly sink, 

Rays of sun make it sparkle 

Clouds cover the view… 

Painted trees surround, 

Their green leaves are drooping down 

Plop! They spring back up.

Hurtling in air, 

Gravity does not follow 

Skis collide and fall. 

A Poem for my dog! 

My Pet, 

Is always wet, 

She is definitely a threat. 

She would win in Russian Roulette! 

She cannot sweat, 

She’d be in bad debt. 

She does not mind the vet, 

But I bet, 

She would hate a jet! 

She always shows regret. 

That’s why I love my pet! 

By: Isabelle King (year 9)

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