Nuclear Fusion is the Future of Clean Energy

Why We Need Nuclear Fusion as a Renewable Energy Source

If you’ve watched the news, you know that our planet needs a new source of energy! This is due to several reasons including the need for a renewable energy source, a cheap method of producing energy and most importantly an efficient energy source which would meet the demand of the world. 

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear fusion energy in its simplest terms is the process by which two light atomic nuclei combine to form a single heavier one while releasing huge amounts of energy. This process is done in the sun and stars and is the reason the sun shines.


Nuclear fusion essentially creates a mini sun on earth to release huge amounts of energy. It might sound dangerous, however it is nearly 99% clean, it is safe from nuclear meltdowns and it is extremely efficient.  For example, Hydrogen is a necessary element for Nuclear Fusion. One glass of seawater, with the hydrogen it contains, could produce the same amount of energy as burning an entire barrel of oil would. 

In addition, solar winds over millions of years have deposited huge amounts of helium-3 onto the moon.  Helium is an alternative ingredient for nuclear fusion that the earth does not have, and helium 3 is one of the best options for nuclear fusion. If it were to be mined and sent to our planet for nuclear fusion, we could have enough energy to power earth for millions of years.  

Finally, due to recent technological breakthroughs, including the discovery by researchers at the energy department’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory of a new magnetic field setup that more than tripled the energy released, we seem to be becoming closer and closer to repeatably successful nuclear fusion. The UK based JET laboratory has beat its own world record for the most energy released during fusion, according to the BBC. 


Nothing is perfect, and why should Nuclear Fusion be an exception? It’s expensive to build. According to ITER, a company developing fusion reactors, it costs an estimated twenty-two billion dollars. However, once built and up-and-running, it is very cheap to produce this type of energy. It costs $0.03 per kilowatt to use energy supplied by nuclear fusion, making it one of the cheapest energy sources at our disposal. Secondly, it is very difficult to run. Only a few have succeeded, mainly Russian and Chinese scientists, as it is usually only performed in suns and stars. 


To conclude, nuclear fusion is a prime method to solve our global energy challenges and create a more ecological world for tomorrow. I hope that when you look up at the stars with a full moon glistening down on you now, you won’t think of it as a family of distant stars, or random glows of light, but, instead, as our planet’s future.

By Satyan Rajeswaran (Year 9)

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