Sir David Attenborough, A Brief Biography

David Attenborough will be ninety-seven on the 8th of May 2023, so this is the perfect time to do
a recap of his career and some of the amazing things that he has done for the environment and

It all started in Isleworth, United Kingdom. He went to school at Wyggeston Grammar School, and Clare College, where he got a degree in Natural Sciences. He then got a job working in an educational publishing house and completed a training program at the British Broadcasting Program or the BBC where he became a television producer. He worked there from 1968-1972, but resigned to write and produce a television program by himself because he “didn’t enjoy how at the BBC he had little freedom to create and explore his own ideas.” David Attenborough has travelled to numerous countries, ninety-four to be exact. Some of them include Antarctica, Madagascar, Namibia, but his favourite country to visit is Australia. “It has, for a naturalist, everything,” he said. “It has an amazing rainforest, which is quite unlike any other rainforest in the world. Down on the coast it has the Great Barrier Reef. On top of that there’s terrific wine and food, so that’s the place for me.”

He wrote and narrated the famous television program Life On Earth in 1979, he was there for five years and created 13 episodes. Subsequently, he wrote/narrated 14 other shows like Blue Planet (2001) and Are We Changing Planet Earth? (2006). He has won a BAFTA for his show Planet Earth II. He has won a primetime Emmy for “Outstanding Narrator” for his show Our Planet.

David Attenborough has taken it on as his duty to do a lot for charity. He has been the World Land Trust’s official patron since 2003. The World Land Trust is a charity that buys rainforests and other lands to preserve them and the animals that live in them. Overall, Sir David Attenborough has made a huge impact on the world while exploring it. He has shown others the importance of the natural world and why we need to preserve it.

By Caitlín Daly

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