25 Things: Americans Understand

Living in Geneva, going to an International School dominated by British kids, there are some things all Americans will understand.


  1. When your friends have no clue where your hometown is because all they’ve ever heard of is New York City, Los Angeles and Texas. 
  2. The first time you hear a British person pronounce the words “yogurt” or “aluminum”. 
  3. When you learn your first French word.
  4. When you forget that all stores close after 7 PM and on Sundays. giphy
  5. Coming to school on Monday after having stayed up on Sunday night to watch the football game. 
  6. When all your British friends hate coffee and make you drink tea.  
  7. When your first Scottish friend describes haggis to you. 
  8. When you eat Swiss chocolate for the first time. 
  9. Everyone at school dresses really stylishly but you decide to wear your hoodie and still look on fleek. 
  10. When your British friends say that they created the United States. 
  11. When you’re fighting with your British friends and you remind them that the US basically saved them in WWI and II. 
  12. Every single day, in every single class during y10 and y11 when all the teachers and students obsess over IGCSE. 
  13. When you say American English is closer to old English than British English. 
  14. When rugby players make fun of football players for wearing safety gear. and then you remind them that if a football player tried to tackle them, they would react like this: and then you hear a soccer player making fun of football players and their safety gear so you show them this: 
  15. When Europeans make American fat jokes.
  16. Reminding non-Americans that we created McDonalds (where else would you go to pee in town at night?).
  17. When people ask you where your stuff is from, you tell them it’s from the US and they think that makes it fancier but that’s when you explain there’s no way in the world you could afford something in Geneva. 
  18. When your friends can go home to the UK for a weekend but flights to the US cost $900. 
  19. When your parents go on business trips to the US but won’t take you along. 
  20. Having to teach everyone here the difference between pancakes and crêpes.  One is thin, the other is thick and fluffy. One is very French, the other is very American. We’ll let you figure out which is which. 
  21. When you find the rare good Mexican meal in Switzerland.The Update’s favorite Mexican restaurants in the area, enjoy! Taco Rico, 1205 Genevehttp://www.tacorico.ch/taco-rico.html
    Burrito Bros., 1003 Lausannehttp://www.burritobrothers.ch/
  22. How all your friends back home imagine your new British friends.
  23. How you eat when you go back home. 
  24. Trying to interact with Swiss strangers.
  25. In the end however, you’re just ridiculously, incredibly, immensely and forever grateful you’re growing up in Geneva.  but you still feel like this everyday.  

All GIFs found on www.giphy.com 

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