Year 9 Options Advice

If you’re in Year 9 currently, you’ll be going through the whole Year 10 options process. For some it may be hard to choose which subjects to go with but for others it might be very easy. But nevertheless, you should want to make the right decisions. As a student that has already been through the whole process, here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you’re planning to take the IGCSE course:

  • If you really feel passionate about a subject, choose it.

You will succeed if you know what you’re doing and you like to do it.

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  •  Don’t let anybody else influence your choices.

This is the journey that you’re going to go through and you shouldn’t choose a subject just because your best friend is.

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  • Don’t choose a subject just because you like the teacher.

You might’ve heard this so many times but the chances that you’re going to get the teacher you hoped for is mixed. There are so many teachers per department!


  • Think about the bigger picture

Where in the world do you want to go after graduating? Choose subjects that could be useful to you in the future.

  • Ask if you’re not sure

Your teachers are always there to help.

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  • There isn’t an easy subject

Don’t take a subject just because you think it might be easier than another one. All subjects are difficult in their own ways.

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  • Be open-minded

Keep your doors open, but don’t try to handle too much.

  • Be prepared

If you know that a certain subject is a bit difficult, be prepared. For example, if you’re going to take art, you need to be really sure of yourself because it can be very time-consuming!

  • Do your research 

Read all the brochures and information they give you – it can help, trust me.

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  • Don’t be too quick in decision-making

Take time and rethink your choices carefully until you are at least 95% sure.

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  • Be sure of yourself

Once you think you’ve made your decisions, you should feel confident.

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This is a really important phase for you to go through because these choices influence your future – even if it’s by a tiny portion. You really need to be sure of yourself and have trust. If you’re in doubt, do not hesitate to ask teachers or counsellors or whoever you know that has already been through the process! Good luck.

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