Grenfell Tower Survivor: People were screaming “Don’t jump, stay in your flats”

Just over a year ago a disastrous fire occurred in Grenfell Tower, which killed over 70 people and burned for over 60 hours before the fire departments managed to extinguish it, uprooting hundreds of people’s lives in the process. This caused outrage across the United Kingdom as it came to light that the cladding used on the building was well below fire safety standards, therefore rendering the lives that were lost, preventable.

We were lucky to be able to have the chance to interview Paul who was a resident of Grenfell Tower at the time about the horrific experience, the lack of response from the local council and government, and the poor management of the situation in general. Many of us were shocked to hear that over a year later, many of those residents still haven’t been housed; people continue to live in buildings with cladding not up to safety standards and justice is yet to be found for those who still suffer today.

To see Paul’s takes on the local councils role in the fire, the response from the community and his own experiences please check out the interview. It’s important that we keep seeking justice for those affected and aim to prevent anything like this happening again.


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