10 fun things to do if you’re single this Valentine’s Day

1. Gather up with your single friends and throw an “Anti-Valentine’s day” party.


2. Have a movies marathon. However, avoid romantic movies, so that you don’t feel so lonely.



3. Go out of town and visit a place you have never been to.


4. Read a book. Books are an amazing entertainment, go get lost in all the great reads out there.


5. Send flowers – Go on an online flower shop and order yourself flowers, with a nice note from yourself.


6. Buy yourself a gift – Valentine’s Day is an amazing reason to buy yourself something you’ve always wanted.


7. Order pizza – Pizza is always there for you. And let’s agree, there’s nothing better than this.


8. Valentine’s Day means chocolate is on sale, so go buy big boxes of chocolate for cheaper than usual and pamper yourself.

valentines-day-gifts-gourmet-chocolate9. Spend it with a loved one – A loved one doesn’t always have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can also be your friends, mom or dad or even your pet.


10. Appreciate single life. Single life means no one to think about and no one to buy a gift for apart from yourself, no broken heart or other difficulties you have in couple life. Appreciate it!



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